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Friday, August 12, 2011


In March of last year I saw a woman in New York wearing a loose cowl - essentially a joined up scarf. It seemed such a good idea in the cold weather. I put it on my back-burner and this winter went looking for a pattern. I found a couple of simple free patterns online and used one of them to make a couple of cowls from spare wool.
The pattern I used to experiment is called 5th Avenue, by tentenknits. I first use a mauve mohair I had from Bendigo Woollen mills to make a cowl for myself.

I was pretty pleased with the result, both in terms of the look and the warmth, so I knitted a red merino one for Jim. He wore it while we were in Victor Harbor last week.

Brigid rather liked it too!

It is a simple two line pattern, knitted in the round with a knit row between the pattern rows. Easy enough to remember after the first pattern round.

I also bought the book, Cowlgirls, by Cathy Carron. It has some great patterns ( a couple of non-starters too, but, hey, out of 40 patterns, that's carping).

facing side is the wrong side
My first Cowlgirl venture is in mohair - another simple textured stitch in mohair, with a ribbed border on both sides. It is also knitted in the round, this time knitted with the wrong side facing. It is a deeper and shorter than the first two above.

Right side

The pattern suggests wearing two of these together in different colours.I think it will be very warm on its own, and looks good doubled over too.

This one is a present that needs to be mailed. Before sending it, my granddaughter Niamh graciously agreed to model it for me.
Cowl hanging loose.
Cowl around twice
Cowl over the head.

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Anonymous said...

Love your knitting! Such gorgeous yarns too. I have never been one for scarves but have made a few over the last two seasons and cant believe how much warmer they make you.