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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Past bag therapy

Here are a few of the bags I made earlier in the year while doing 'bag therapy'. Some were made using oddments of kimono silk.

Another group were made from cotton, using as a pattern a bag I bought from an sale at the Embroiders' Guild of SA. This uses a curtain ring on a long tab as closure.


These bags are made with no internal seam. You stitch the lining and exterior fabrics together, with points at each short end, then fold in half and stitch on the outside of the sides.

I also made some black bags with braid as embellishment,
one using the embroidery section of a cushion cover bought in Chiang Mai in 1972.

The cushion cover had worn beyond use, but the embroidery was sound. I couldn't bear to think of this meticulous work being discarded, so remade it into this bag.

My favourite of these recent bags, however is a simple embroidery, based on one of the very first things I made at primary school - a hand-towel with an edge made by weaving coloured thread under and over the loose threads of a waffle-weave. I inserted a panel of waffle-weave into this gingham check and just picked up the threads in a zig-zag. It is very relaxing embroidery.

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