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Friday, October 8, 2010

I begin pleating.

In August I bought my own pleater from Country Bumpkin. I enrolled in a September class, but took the pleater home and had a play with the help of A-Z of Smocking, which has good instructions. First I pleated some small, straight pieces for picture smocking. These resulted in a pair of jeans, using three pictures from various AS&E editions and one from a drawing made by the owner of the new jeans.


I have pleated up a lot of things ready to smock (in my if-it's-fabric-pleat-it mode), including an English smock and a tunic for myself and more picture smocking.

My second self-pleated masterpiece is a dress for myself in russet Vietnamese silk - one of the pieces that has been waiting for a good project. I used the pattern Iced Tea from AS&E Issue 52.

It hasn't been warm enough to wear it properly, but I risked the unseasonably cool Adelaide weather to have a quick photo to celebrate.

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Alison D said...

This is gorgeous - design, execution and fabric. Well done!