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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dijanne Cevaal Figure 3: First Dragon Cushion Finish

 As the dragon panels were a little smaller than the two Medieval project pieces (queen and king) I had worked, I had chosen and purchased, from Batik Fabrics Online a piece of batik that was slightly smaller than the previous ones.  the batik was overprinted with interesting paisley patterns.

When the panel was finished I decided not to cut the batik to edge the panel, but to applique the panel to the background fabric. This however, required a transition fabric on which to mount the panel. A friend and I paid a visit to Riverlea Cottage Quilts on Unley Road, not far from me to enrol in a class for next year, and I took the panel along to find an edging fabric. Paige, who was in charge of the shop at the time found the perfect fabric - a blended stripe in gold-brown.

Once I had mounted it, my plans for another Kantha border melted away. The fabric dictated a different approach. I had been considering embroidering some of the paisleys on the batik fabric, but once I saw the mounted piece I decided to continue some of the paisleys into the border using embroidery.

It seemed to work. I had a bit of trouble finding thread that worked. Silk thread had the best texture but not the best colour match. I found an almost perfect colour variegation amongst the Embroiderers' Guild over-dyed thread collection, but it was a fairly course and heavy texture.
over-dyed thread

silk thread

In the end, a combination of the two, plus care not to overfill the border had me happy.

I made the cushion cover up using an overlap at the back. It is still fairly large but not enormous. It looks rich and sumptuous.

I don't have a cushion of the right size as yet and this may end up as a gift, so I have placed it, temporarily, on a cushion a little smaller than the cover.

I have another dragon and a Sentinelle to go in my Dijanne Cevaal binge!


margaret said...

a wonderful dragon you have here

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret.

Monica said...

I love that idea to carry the paisleys into the stripe -- and it worked beautifully! This is going to be a wonderful collection, are you sure you want to break them up?

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. I don't have a desire to keep them together. It will be a bit like a distributed library collection - housed in more than one place bit accessible.the Guild is also planning to exhibit all the Dijanne Cevaal panels members are working on sometime next year ( better get a move on!).