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Sunday, July 17, 2016

70th bag: Construction

The first task in constructing my 70th birthday bag was to join the two pieces together. They were quite firmly quilted by the stitching, which was through two layers of fabric sandwiched with wadding.

I trimmed off the bottom of one bag so that one layer of unstitched figures formed the base. I then joined the sides and mitred the bottom corners to form a base and sides.

 I used a woven belt that my late husband had bought in, I think, Indonesia, to form the handles. The colours were so bright and it seemed appropriate. Jim would have enjoyed being part of this.

The belt had lovely tasselled ends. I cut it in half so that each side of the bag has a tassel.

I examined many pieces of fabric for lining - florals, figures, plains - all appropriate, but the one that grabbed me was this print of little astronauts in a vivid blue sky. The colour was terrific with the bag - and the theme of possibility, endeavour and imagination struck me as perfect.

So in went the lining and the bag is finished. It really has been one of the most enjoyable and satisfying I've done

I am posting this from hospital while recovering from my knee replacement, using my iPhone, so have less control than usual over layout. Apologies for any glitches.


margaret said...

wishing you a speedy recovery from you knee op. The bag could not have been better love it all that embroidery has taken it to such a high level and the straps and lining add to the finish

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. Knee is coming along and pleased to have finished the bag in time for the birthday event.

Monica said...

This was a really awesome idea. What fun to embellish the plain figures like this! And the repurposed shirt and belt add another layer of meaning, too. Wonderful gift, I'm sure she is getting a lot of enjoyment from it.

It sounds like your surgery has gone well -- I had no doubt! I hope whatever rehab you have to do now is going smoothly too.

kuurankukka said...

Omg, this bag is beautiful! <3 I hope your knee is okay now!

Jillian said...

Many thanks. My knee is doing remarkably well - still doing hydro exercises twice a week.