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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I went to the recent Adelaide Stitches and Craft Fair with a friend. The best thing was the very inspiring wall of crochet.
I was pretty restrained about buying - a few skeins of thread for a thread-hungry project I'm working on - and a tiny iron.
I've been looking for some time for a small iron to get into the corners of embroidery projects. The smallest I had found did not have a version with an Australian power cord, so I held off. Both the friend and I, however, were convinced by this little iron, which can be left hot, face down on the little (about 6" square) mat it comes with.                                                                       Also in the package is a pattern for a bag in which to keep the iron.
Late in the afternoon of the next day, when I had done all the chores on my list, I dug out a fat quarter of bright fabric - purchased when I had grandchildren under 5 who might like something with lots of enterprising ducks on it. They are all way past that now, so I used it to make the bag for the iron.                                                                                  Some oddments of wadding and I was underway. The pattern asked for a 20" zip which I didn't have. I thought I'd just get the bag made, then buy a zip the next day. I was, however, on such a roll that I dug out a zip I had purchased for a now-forgotten project - about 14 inches. Why not give it a try? 
With and adjustment to the hinge connecting the lid to the box I was in business - 20 inches would have been too long anyway!

Voila! I now have an iron-in-a-bag which can live neatly in a cupboard beside my dining table to be used for those quick jobs that don't require the ironing board. 

Then, lo, Patchwork and Craft magazine publishers had a Mother's Day special on the ironing mat I've been eyeing off for about 3 years.
I indulged.  The mat - and yet another year of Handmade Magazine - is (I hope) on its way to me. I can't believe I'm overjoyed about an iron and ironing mat! Of course, a week later Patchwork and Craft had the ironing mat on special WITHOUT the subscription. Nevertheless, I struck while the iron was hot, so to speak.


Monica said...

LOL, it is amazing the things we get excited about, isn't it? This is a very tidy little kit now. :D And it is a great magazine, I'm sure you'll enjoy another year.

Jillian said...

The trouble is, my subscription stretches nearly 3 years ahead! I had already renewed for two years on an irrisistible offer. My ironing mat arrived this morning. It's very sweet and might induce me to iron more.

margaret said...

the crochet is eye catching. Liking the iron I have the teeny weeny clover one which is wonderful for pressing seams but feel I could do with this one too!

Jillian said...

The teeny weeny Clover is the one I'd have liked but as far as I know they still don't make it for Australian plugs so you need a transformer, which rather defeats the purpose!