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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gilaf finish

Today I'm feeling blessed by the talented teachers we have in our Guild.
My gilaf was meant to be finished with decoration in the corners of both the inner and outer borders. I found some tiny opercula to attach to the inner corners. The outer corners were meant to be finished with shisha mirrors but I didn't have any. Barbara, our teacher, had a supply but  I missed the second day of the course when she brought them in. I phoned around various Adelaide craft stores, but without luck. I therefore improvised, trying out a few buttons and shells. In the end I settled for some flat pieces of sea glass.

We collected these decades ago on the beach in Loch Ard Gorge, Victoria. The wreck of the Loch Ard, a clipper ship that ran aground in 1878 lies just off this beach. The beach was accessed by a steep track - so not an easy beach for casual visitors and not a safe or patrolled swimming beach. We found a lot of old sea glass - some with the rounded pieces from the base of very old bottles. Quite possibly the glass is from the Loch Ard.

I used five small, flat pieces in place of shisha. I stitched these in as if they were mirrors, using the Cretan Stitch variation with the help of Mary Corbett's tutorial

It worked well.

I had found a piece of Japanese fabric - silk as I assumed - for lining,  but melted it while ironing! I substituted a piece of pink dupion.

The work was, by now, not completely square, but close enough to achieve a workable pouch.  I had obtained some faux coral beads for the tassells and added these, along with a cord.

I chose, at this point to add in a little triangle (suitably rustic and - unintentionally - skewed.                                                                      This has been a fabulous project.  I love the result, but more importantly, had a lovely time making it. I have a much larger square of blanketing that I am hoping one day to work using similar techniques.
I am booked to do a day's design work with Barbara Mullan at the Embroiderers' Guild in June. Maybe that's my chance!  


margaret said...

this has worked so beautifully what a splendid job you have done you must be so pleased and the sea class looks so good, it shows that things we have in our hoard in the end get used. Love it

Jillian said...

Thanks a million, Margaret.

Lyn Warner said...

What an interesting piece to look at! - the rich colours, the kantha embroidery, the contrasting border, the striking trimmings and I love the idea of using sea glass as substitutes for shisha mirrors. It's lovely!

Jillian said...

Thank you Lyn!

Susi said...

I am so inspired by your use of sea glass. I have a little collection and had always thought I would have it made into jewellery but now I think I will incorporate it into an embroidery.

Jillian said...

Thanks Susi. My late husband had some of it made into jewellery for my daughters and I. I love that too. It's a lovely, tactile thing - great both ways.

Monica said...

Well, it's just fabulous, Jillian! So many wonderful textures and stitches, and I love the story with the sea glass too. It's a real fibre addict's dream! That design class will be tremendous fun, and it sounds like you already have a great idea to start from. Excellent post!

Jillian said...

Thank you Monica. Yes. I'm looking forward to the design class - and sifting through ideas in my head already!