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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Certificate Course workshop: English Paper Piecing

Last Saturday I attended the February workshop for the Embroiderers' Guild Certificate Course, this time on English Paper Piecing with Melissa Walker. 
Melissa provided a choice of projects  - both pincushions: one hexagons, the other mixed shapes. Because I had paper-pieced the bed quilt in hexagons three years ago, I chose to work on the mixed shapes. We began with a sheet of template shapes on heavy paper to be cut out, then cut our fabric and glued the fabric shapes around the paper. This is the first time I have used glue to secure the fabric to the papers.  It was a lot of fun.  
Left to my own devices I'd have tried to glue down the little tails on the diamonds but they fit neatly together under each other.                                                                                     
I was using a couple of small squares of hand-dyed fabric I bought at a market day.  It gave me plenty of scope for mixing colours within a palette. This was a well designed project. The diamonds form the top of the pincushion, rectangles the sides and a hexagon the bottom.
It was, as always, a great group of students, sharing their work and encouraging each other.   Melissa was an attentive and knowledgeable teacher.                                           This was pretty much where I got to when the class finished at 2pm.
At home I added the hexagon and joined up the sides

before removing the papers.
By the time I left home that evening for my first Adelaide Festival of Arts commitment, the pincushion was finished - my idea of a great teaching/learning project.

I had had a great day, learned the skills of glueing papers and managing diamond corners - and ended up with a finished product.

I have given this pincushion to my granddaughter Niamh. She is 8 years old and has joined JEMS - the Junior Embroiderers' group. She has made me two pincushions but does not have one herself.

Niamh's take on this? "If you don't want to be a Nana you have to stick your pins into one of these, otherwise you stick them in lounges and things".

Oh dear, I'm very much guilty as charged I'm afraid! 


margaret said...

love EPP but have done little other than hexies. Not tried the glue method it must be so much quicker, wonder what glue you use. Yes I know about sticking needles and pins into chair arms etc also into my bedhead! What do you stuff with? My original pincushion which is years old I used sawdust and the pins never rust bt not easy to find it now

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. We used a fabric glue stick - very easy. I stuffed with synthetic fibrefill because I had some to hand. It means it can be washed.

Monica said...

LOL, maybe that's why she's given you two! I can confidently say that although I used to park needles in the sofa, I've trained myself to use a pincushion now. It's one less thing to remember, when the needle is always in the same place! This turned out great, with the fun hand-dyes. I hope Niamh gets lots of use from it!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. You are my inspiration. My training in pincushion use begins now!