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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back to Basics Project 3: Hussif

It is quite a while since I posted any progress on my project for the Embroiderers' Guild Back to Basics Group. I am still working on Project 3, a hussif and scissor case. I finished the scissor case in September last year and have been working on the hussif since then. The group meets once a month,  but did not meet in December, January or March due to the Guild Christmas closure and our Exhibition.

Back to Basics focuses particularly on basic stitches, construction and presentation. The stitches for Project 3 requires a specific range of loop stitches - buttonhole, feather and/or fly stitch. The embroidery is on a specific panel of the hussif.

I finished the embroidery last year, using stitches, threads and a design that match the completed scissor case.

That was the easy bit. I was quite challenged by the construction. The piece has a large pocket under the embroidered section, and two smaller pockets at one end. The other end was left blank, so I decided to add pockets to hold packets of needles. Gay, who runs the group, suggested a pocket for a small metal ruler. It took me a bit of undoing to achieve this neatly (I had, of course, rushed into putting it together the moment the stitching was finished!)

My next issue was getting the border turnover even. I stitched it by eye - not a good result, so out it came. Using the metal ruler I had purchased produced a satisfactory result! I even made good use of one of the tassels from Christine Bishop's Italian Style tassel workshop last year to stop the ruler from disappearing from view inside the pocket.

This project originally had a small Dorset button closure. I am submitting it without that, but intend to add a large button closure when I put the hussif to use.


Monica said...

I really love this project, Jillian. The scissors case was already good, and now with the fun embroidery on the main piece, and the floral fabric trim, it is wonderful! I like those free form flowers a lot -- they feel a little Art Nouveau to me. I hope you will get very good use from it. And good luck with the submission!

margaret said...

this is so pretty, the flowers are so lovely and all in all a delightful project I am sure it will be greatly admired

Jillian said...

Thanks very much, Monica. I like it too - and loved doing the flowers. The next project is a bag - and I'm hoping to build on this design. I'm not yet accurate enough, however, with my construction. I need to get more of a quilter's headset!

Jillian said...

Thank you so much, Margaret. It's been a lot of fun - and will be useful!

Jillian Cheek said...

I do love this. The darkert background to the embroidery makes its effect even more stunning, and the ruler pocket is such a great idea. I look forward to seeing what you do with the bag.

Jillian said...

Thanks Jill. I really like working with the background colour. I have time to think about the bag - we don't meet again until May.