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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ethnic Embroideries Study Group

                            Last Wednesday was the monthly meeting of the Embroiderers' Guild Ethnic Embroidery Study Group. This month's meeting was a presentation by Janna Lock who spoke about her years in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the women she met and worked with and their embroidery. She brought with her lots of examples, which we could examine in detail.
There were beautiful fans, mostly made with two sticks so they rotate freely. You hold the longer, outside stick and swing the fan around it in a circle. Apparently young girls are happy to do this for older women!
Janna had a complete outfit - a voluminous dress with belt, modelled by Colleen, first with the headdress of a single girl,
and then with a married woman's headdress.
This veil was worn by a bride on her wedding day to cover her face from her betrothed, until the point in the ceremony when she is married and can reveal her face to her husband.                                                                                                                                                                                                          These sandals are made from old tyres. 
There were bodices, 
and a host of examples of cloths and bags.
as you can see, we had a good time and saw some lovely pieces of embroidery.
Paul Lock has written a book about their experiences,
while Janna continues to support a widow's group by selling their handiwork in Australia.


Monica said...

Lots of great photos, thank you Jillian! That last one is very fine -- it looks like counted thread on black. Wow!

margaret said...

some amazing pieces, the headdress must feel so heavy on the head, thanks for sharing these with us