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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tenerife Lace Certificate Course

Yesterday I attended a Certificate Course Class at the Embroiderers' Guild. These classes are held monthly on a Saturday and any Guild member can join the class with the Certificate students. It's a generous gesture by the Guild and by the certificate course teachers.

Yesterday Arrienne Wynen, current Guild President, taught a class in Tenerife lace. As usual, we saw many examples of the technique and Arienne demonstrated the basics.
Tenerife is a technique used in many forms of lace. It is now worked as medallions, joined together or inserted into fabric. The medallions are formed by inserting pins into a pattern, then weaving and knotting thread in line with the pattern.

The pattern rests on a pilliow or board. I used a cork board kindly supplied by a friend at the class. My pins were long - which made for some awkwardness. You begin by creating a web. Our pattern had 32 'spokes'. The centre was woven, then secured with Coral Knots. 
Further rows of Coral Knots were then worked out from the centre to create patterns. We used a huck needle supplied by Arrienne - a great idea as the angle of the tip, as well as its bluntness really helped.

When I got home after the class I transferred the pattern and my piece to a large, fat pincushion. This meant I could push the pins in much further and it became easier to work.

I added a black edge, by changing to black thread, doing one round of knots, two rounds of weaving and another row of knots.

This was a fun class. I learned a lot - from Arrienne, the other students, and my own mistakes. I don't see myself working a big project in this technique, but could see myself using motifs for embellishment.


Monica said...

Yes, I can imagine those pins were very challenging! These would be a great embellishment. Maybe on a bag...? :D

Jillian said...

Yep, you guessed it Monica! Another bag from old jeans is working its way into my consciousness.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

I've heard of Tenerife Lace before but have never really seen an example of it. Looks like it was a fun class to take and your first piece of Tenerife looks great!