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Friday, March 20, 2015

Maharani Fishpond finish

The final stages of the Maharani's Fishpond project involved stuffing and embroidering the central motif and finding a use for the finished piece.

The stuffing involved filling the little lotus leaves with stuffing - I used polyester - and cording the outlines of the leaves - I used 8 ply knitting cotton.

I pierced the back of the spaces to be stuffed with my very fine stiletto, then used a bone laying-tool to push the stuffing in.  It was amazing how much went in!

Having finished that, I decided the outer leaves shouldn't have been padded, so removed the padding from those, corded the outer edges and then embroidered the leaves.

I had tried several different stitches in the centre but was unhappy with all of them, so dug out a stash of small shells with holes for threading, selected a tiny operculum and stitched it in the centre.

Finally happy, I blocked the piece overnight.

In the morning I hand-appliqued it to the bag we were given on enrolment in the Guild's Summer School. These were shopping bag size, of maroon cotton and lined.

On the back I appliqued the 20cm sampler I made last year under Barbara's tutelage.

In South Australia we pay a deposit on all plastic carry bags at supermarkets - so we all carry reusable shopping bags.I know I will use this bag for quite a while to come.

The colour of the bag is less red than shows here. I have taken the photo many times, but have not yet succeeded in taking one I am happy with.

The bag, however, pleases me no end!


Monica said...

I think this is a very appropriate pairing of bag and class projects! I agree that the outer leaves look best with the stitching as you have done them. Excellent finish, Jillian, congratulations!

Katherine said...

They have come together well in the bag. So useful too. I wish that Victoria would do the same thing with shopping bags because I am quite sick of having to pick them up when they blow along the road and into our drive on a regular basis.