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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rooster Cushion

I fell for a couple of easy folk art cushion kits in very bright cottons from Herrschners a few months ago. They are produced for Herrschners by Duftin, a Hungarian company whose products I have successfully used before. I like their products that come ready-made and stamped to embroider. They make for easy, attractive products to embroider while on holiday, talking or watching the world go by.

This was no exception. The threads were sufficiently well organised and labelled to be usable without further work, the pattern was clear and the instructions simple, bold and easy to manage.

I began just before going to Carrickalinga for Christmas by embroidering the central line of the design.

By the time I went away I had some tail feathers done, and had decided to use stem stitch and split stitch in place of satin stitch for a good part of the design.

When I came home on 26 December I had a large part done and was enjoying it very much.

It is a lot of fun to work on something so bright and shapely. It is an exercise in colouring-in and the interest and satisfaction is in adding each component and watching the colours lift and complement each other.

The body of the roosters and the pink flowers practiced my long and short stitch.

I finished it, appropriately, on New Year's Eve, washing and blocking it on New Year's Day. I haven't inserted a cushion yet. I will give this to someone who could do with a cheery cushion!

A few days ago Herrschners had a special on the shoulder bag in the same pattern and fabric. Even with the deteriorating exchange rate and a generous stash of projects I did not resist.


Katherine said...

Beautiful cushion. I can understand why you grabbed the bag too.

Lyn Warner said...

Lovely colours! They just make me want to make that cushion too.

Jillian said...

Thanks Girls. It's really enticing, isn't it?

Monica said...

Yes, many many tempting things at Herrschners! Personally, though, I am happy that Australian products have become more affordable again.

Anyway, it looks great, and I'm sure someone will love the cheerful design and colours. You've been busy!