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Monday, January 5, 2015

Girl's Cotton Cardigan: the case of the disappearing photos.

The project I chose to take with me on my recent trip to Canberra and the NSW Southern Vales was a girl's cardigan in 4 ply cotton. I used Sirdar Pattern 2215 which has a nice 1-12 years age range, with a lace medallion pattern that gives interest to the knitting, but doesn't require constant reference to the pattern once you have the hang of it. This was to be a Christmas present, so the timing was good.

It proved a good choice of travel project. The cotton (Bendigo Woollen Mills 837 Orchard 4ply) was pleasant to knit in what proved to be fine and warm weather, I could go for hours without referring to the pattern and progress was steady enough to keep me encouraged.

I seem to have been having too good a time to take photos - although I thought I had taken some, I can find no trace! I have distinct memories of taking photos of the finished pieces before construction. I am either deluded (quite possible) or the victim of cunning photo fairies.

It is more than likely the fairies, on a crusade to save readers from photos of pieces of unconstructed knitting..

I will need to be content with these two photos of the finished product, taken by someone else, and interesting enough to escape the attention of the photo fairies.


margaret said...

very pretty, I do like a cotton cardy, have had one from M & S for at least 20 years and still going strong

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Looks lovely and such a nice pattern.

Katherine said...

Darn those photo fairies. Mind you they sound more like gremlins lol. Beautiful cardigan though

Monica said...

LOL, maybe your photos are on a different device? Anyway, it turned out great, and the substitute photo is a lot of fun!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Checked all devices. I did a big download and delete of all photos on my phone - if I did indeed take them I probable filed them!