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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Baubles, Buttons and Beads

I have just returned from a day at the Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia Certificate Course. I am not doing the Certificate Course, but members are invited to attend any Certificate classes, so I, and a number of other members, went along to today's class by Christine Bishop on Fastenings, Closures with Buttons and Fancy Knots, or, as her notes said, Baubles, Buttons and Beads. I have a few other projects to write about, but thought, for once, I might report on this one immediately.

It was a well-attended class and we worked quite hard. There are ten fastenings in the class notes and most of us got about 5 done in the 5 hours of the class. We also had lunch and quite a bit of cake.

The first, and simplest was a toggle button, made from felt. I tried it on a piece of handmade felt I bought on my recent trip - in Berry in NSW.

This is an effective, and very quick closure that would work well on a bag.

Another toggle took a little more time and has plenty of scope for variation - using different threads, stitches or contrasting colours. The stitch on this one is chain stitch.

The loop closure appealed to me. My stitching is not as neat as could be hoped, but I can see quite a few ways this might be varied to fit on a bag, or even a jacket.

The covered bead closure took rather longer to do - using twisted buttonhole stitch. This is similar to the closure we made in Alison Snepp's hussif class a few years ago, although the base and the stitch are different. It is a very satisfying object to make.

The final one I achieved today was a button that can be used on shirts. It needs a pearl button on the top to complete it.

Christine is a meticulous teacher and her notes are clear and thorough. I will complete the other 5 closures in the notes - but not before I have finished a couple of other things I am still working on - one of them from another of Christine's classes ( the French birdcage she taught at Beating Around the Bush).

I had a very pleasant day making these today, not the least because of the company!


Monica said...

This looks like one of those useful classes that you'll be benefiting from for a long time. Lots of good ideas, especially given your fondness for bags!

margaret said...

what an enjoyable way to spend a day with friends and being so creative too