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Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Denim Bag

When I made denim bags for my granddaughters for Christmas, my daughter indicated she would like one too. Serendipitously, as her birthday approached, another pair of my longsuffering jeans gave out along a couple of seams - a sign it was time to make more bags!

The first of these bags is for Katherine's birthday.

The original pattern I used (Stitched Treasures by Ann Francene Dimmer in Vol.20 No.11 of Creative Embroidery and Cross Stitch)  had a rounded and a squared version. I thought the squared version might be more useful to an adult.

As before, I wanted to use the back pocket of the jeans as a pocket on the outside of the bag. The pockets are placed a bit high on the jeans, but still useful for an accessible pocket on the bag.

I have collected a few more doilies and crocheted medallions since I made the last of these bags, so had a choice of embellishment.

I settled for a base doily in a very open work pattern, and a cluster of round medallions as my base. I appliqued these down by hand using machine thread, but decided to add some stitches using embroidery thread.
I found I could get some dimensional effects by stitching around the threads connecting the various rounds of the medallions. The effects on the large, lacy doily were more subtle.
I then began to build up layers of embroidered wheels of various kinds around the other side of the applique.

Rather than thinking garden and flowers, I began to think planets and spheres, space, night sky and Earth.

I made it up as I went along, adding and tinkering.

Eventually, satisfied with the result, I added a zip, joined the seams and created a handle.

For lining I used a length of kimono fabric in a denim-y blue.I included an inner pocket in the lining.

I am pleased to say the bag turned out well and was much appreciated by the recipient.


margaret said...

what a wonderful way to recycle jeans, love how you have made it so colourful with the crochet etc

Michelle and Paul said...

I must now use my crochet in bag making. Have acquired some not wanted pieces if Indig art today to use in bags and unique dinner party tablecloths

Monica said...

I love this, Jillian! You have balanced the embroidery and the crochet perfectly. I'm sure your daughter is toting it around with pride! Great job. :D

JennyPennyPoppy said...
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JennyPennyPoppy said...

So creative, colourful and wonderfully made! The doilies look so neat and your stitching is super. Your daughter must be tickled with her new tote.

Katherine said...

Looks fantastic! I love the embroidery that you have done too. All together everything is very complementary to each other and perfectly balanced.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine, I'm pleased you think so - that's exactly what I was aiming for!