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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kimono fabric bag therapy

When I was sorting out my sari scraps to replenish my bags, I was surprised by the number of pieces of antique kimono fabric I had accumulated, so I decided to make bags from this as well. Some of this I have bought online, some in physical shops, and some was given to me by a friend who travelled in Japan.

On the whole, the fabric is sturdier than the vintage sari pieces. Nevertheless, some is in need of repair, or has been cut to include a hem or border. Where possible I try to incorporate these into the bag. The thinking, manipulating and retrieving is very much part of my pleasure.

A couple of the pieces were fairly large - a real bonus. It is hard to find enough vintage fabric to make larger bags, while small bags are plentiful. Both of these are in faux silk. I used earring pieces on the ribbons of one, and paua shell buttons on the other.

Two really beautiful pieces of silk made medium sized bags without the need for lining fabric.

I had two medium sized pieces of dark greeny-black faux silk with pale roses woven into the fabric. I lined these to get the most out of the fabric. They made bags about 12x10 inches. I used ceramic buttons on one and lined it in ecru.

The other one - with more spectacular flowers - I lined in pale pink and used flower buttons.

These are amongst my favourites.

 These two are around 9 inches, and synthetic.
This is a lovely blue and white wool, woven, and with an intact hem I built into the casing for the ribbon.

The remaining bags are smaller, in an assortment of fabrics, much of it silk.

 I am partial to this little striped one, about 6 inches high, in a heavy woven fabric, and the two below, around 7 inches high, in a vibrant purple.

Again, I have used about half of my stash of vintage kimono pieces - and the plan is to buy no more until I have made them up!


margaret said...

you have been very busy with you bag making, so rewarding to make such pretty bags out of scraps etc

katherine said...

Your bags all look great and thank you for your comments on my blog too. I do like to reply but your comments come through as a no-reply blogger so I don't think they get through to you. Thank you for your kind words.