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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silk bag therapy - Three of Three.

This is the final batch of silk bags from Fabricana's Indian sara scraps, beginning with a lovely graded peachy-orange piece, with scattered flower medallions embroidered in running stitch and a vine border, also in running stitch.

Similar in style, but not technique, is a reddy-pink silk organza piece with a dyed border of blue flowers, also outlined in running stitch with a few sequins.

This rather lovely piece with a trailing vine of running stitched flowers and leaves all over and a more intensive border of the same stitch, produced two bags. It is one of my favourites.

The next one is similar.

 While this next one is a similar technique, the work was much courser and the silk much more like taffeta, giving me a few challenges with fraying seams and long cross-overs of embroidery thread. Still looks good though.

This green piece is the work of a very good designer - a lovely geometric pattern in cream, circles and lines, very pleasing to the eye and touch.

It is a really deep border, finishing in time to give one side of the bag a different look to the other. I lined it to match the embroidery.

This piece, a black cord raised on gold silk, was crying out to be made into a round bag. I lined it in black taffeta.

I left a deep hem at the top of the next beaded and embroidered bag to display the tiny beads scattered across the piece.

It will make a good bag for storing lingerie.

Finally, one more silk organza bag in a pinky-brown with a chain and satin stitch border. The large flowers are padded underneath to give them dimension.

I feel grateful to the women who wore these saris and kept them in condition to be reused. However, I most admire those who did the painstaking work of embroidering the silk. I am finding it hard to resist another visit to Fabricana's wonderful store!


Anonymous said...

I've seen so many beautiful pieces that you have made into some gorgeous bags. Katherine

Jillian Cheek said...

They truly are beautiful fabrics, and I love what you have done with them.

Linda said...

Jillian, these little bags are just delightful. I have a large length of fabric quite similar to that, and was stumped on how to use it. Thanks so much for sharing all the lovely work you've done, not to mention the link. Cheers.