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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Knitted vest/jacket finish

In my last post on this vest I was contemplating the way the yarn variegations had turned out. The two fronts are quite different.  I ruled out re-doing a front - although I had a ball of wool left that might have proved a better match to one side.

This is the finished product. The  sleeves were meant to be about half the length  pictured, but I lengthened them to cover my elbow.

I tried to figure a way of softening the contrast and came up with the idea of pockets. I knitted two large squares in the cable pattern and attached them to the non-cable part of the fronts.
It does modify the contrast - even more so if I wear the vest (which should more properly now be called a jacket!) caught together in the front with a pin or brooch.

It is certainly warm!

As I had a full ball left over, I found a pattern for a slouchy beret with cable and set to work.

It took  longer than I anticipated. The result was also bigger than I has expected (that’s my size 39-40 foot next to it). I considered turning it into a bag!

However, it is warm and comfortable and my granddaughters approved, so I threaded a round of hat elastic through the band to make it a little tighter, and I’ve been wearing it through our recent cold snap. It’s not glamorous - but it is a bit funky - and this is the weather for it!

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