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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Shiburi cloths

Friends who recently visited Japan brought me back a pack of 3 shiburi cloths. Each is about 40cmx30cm, lined and hemmed. 
The pack comes with 3 hanks of thread, two variegated and one plain. The plain is bright pink and the variegated brights and autumn tones respectively.
I found myself visiting my daughter with the pack in my bag to show her and no other project to work on, so began work on the simplest of the three cloths. I used the bright variegated thread for these flowery balls - a bit like balloons. It is, of course, addictive. 
I found it difficult to stop when I got home, so turned my back on my longer term projects, and began the leafy cloth, using the autumn coloured thread.  After several days I mislaid the autumn thread - so started on the third flowery cloth using the pink and bright variegated threads, then worked the autumn one using stranded and perle cottons.

I eventually found other thread to finish the autumn one - and, of course, when it was finished, found the lost one!

I plan to use these to wrap bread when serving at a meal, or as food coverings. I might try to give these a crocheted edge using similar thread perhaps with some beads for weight - like the milk jug covers my grandmother made.

Many thanks to Barbara and Kenneth for the gift.


margaret said...

these are so pretty practical too,mislaying threads etc I have been there so often! Had forgotten about the milk jugs with the beaded trim till you mentioned them here it is years since I saw one of those. Mind you never use milk here but keep a pint in case I have visitors more often than not it gets thrown away but come the winter I will start using again for porridge

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I use milk, but it from jugs! Hopefully they'll come in handy.

Monica said...

Well, those are lovely! What a thoughtful gift. The crocheted edging sounds both nice and practical.

Sorry I have been MIA. It's been a challenging time.