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Monday, July 10, 2017

Duftin Chicken bag

In between my more demanding projects I worked another Duftin embroidered bag, this time a pair of roosters. I worked this a while ago as a cushion. Again, I worked this mostly in stem and split stitch so it wears better than it would with the recommended satin stitch. It takes longer to stitch this way, but will last longer.
This project accompanied me on plane trips, car trips, visits to friends, Guild meetings. It was my grab-and-go project for about 3 months.  The ease of doing it was much enhanced by the threads provided by Duftin which were of surprisingly good quality, rarely breaking or knotting and producing a nice sheen.
After a while I even stopped putting it in its own bag and carried the project around in the bag itself. While there is a colour chart, the design is symetrical and once you have worked one bit there is a lot that can be done without referring to the chart.

It was eventually finished. washed and ironed. It is a really cheerful, useful bag and a good gift.


margaret said...

how colourful this is and the black background sets the chicken off beautifully

Monica said...

I have a soft spot for chickens, and this is really happy and cheerful with all the bright colours and flamboyant feathers. I can see it was a lot of stitching! But fun, I'm sure, and a wonderful result. :D