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Monday, May 15, 2017

Christmas bags

When I finished my Red, Red, Robin quilt I needed an easy project to occupy my hands for a couple of days while I came down from the demands and euphoria of a project that had occupied my mind for several months. I pulled this kit for cross-stitch gift bags out of my stash, . I've had a couple of these for several years now and they come out and go back untouched each Christmas.                                                                                                                                                         They looked cheerful and straightforward enough to give me the mind-break I needed.
I won't comment on the absurdity of Mr and Mrs Snowman fully decked out and wearing shoes, nor on their relevance to Australia. I liked the look of them, found them soothing to stitch and smiled as I counted my stitches on the easy Aida fabric.

The bags were partially made up. When the stitching was done you joined the back seam and hemmed the top. I used a herringbone stitch on the inside, giving a running stitch effect on the outside. I then threaded the ribbon through the Aida as a draw-string, rather than just tying it around the outside of the bag as the kit instructed.

I had found two of these kits in my stash, so, ever a finisher, I thought I should keep going and finish all four bags.

Just a few hours after I had taken this photo and put the bags away for next Christmas, I found yet another one of the kits in my stash! Common sense might suggest I leave it for another day, but, no, I was determined to clear my slate of this purchase, so got on with the last two bags as 'down time' between more demanding projects.

I have enjoyed their cheerfulness and simplicity. I've been looking at my books of cross stitch patterns for ideas to create more simple bags from my stash of Aida! In my spare time.


margaret said...

it is good to have an easy pick up and put down project on hand, these are such fun

Monica said...

I have a hard time with snowmen in summer, but I bet they felt just right for you in the colder weather these days. They are very cheery and fun!

I'm not sure if this post was backdated somehow? Some mystery there.

Jillian said...

Yes, there is s mystery, Monics. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but posted it while visiting my brother in Sydney early last week. it appears on the site out of sequence. I need to check my settings.