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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter stitching

 Sometimes I can't - or won't - let go of an idea. A year or so ago I saw a crocheted purse shaped to resemble a chicken, in a charity shop. I loved the idea and thought I'd like to try making one with my newly developing crochet skills. I got as far as buying a couple of 4" zips but no further.

This year, wanting a small challenge before tackling the assembly of my Robins Quilt, I set about working out how to make the chicken purses using supplies already in my stash.
I found some pale yellow 4 ply cotton and, using it double, worked a straight line of single crochet, increasing at each end and in the centre of each row. This gave me the shape I was after.
 I inserted my zip and crocheted up the side and bottom, adding some eyes and felt feathery bits. I had hoped to fill this with small eggs but couldn't find what I was looking for - so went for other chocolate treats.
I made two more of these - one for each of my granddaughters.
On one I used some shells for the tail feathers. Both Niamh and I like shells so I thought this would be a good embellishment.

I didn't think my 12 year-old grandson would be pleased to receive a chicken purse, so I tried out a variation on another item I had seen and liked while in England- felted rabbits dressed in embellished coats. I sketched out a body on paper, cut it out in felt and got stitching. It was pretty rough and ready.

As my grandson is a supporter of the Hawthorn Hawks football team, I gave the rabbit Hawthorn ears

and a Hawthorn coat

I couldn't figure out how to attach an easter egg football, so I crocheted a little basket to sling over his shoulder.

I don't think this will be taken up by the Hawthorn merchandising arm, but I am pretty pleased with myself. When I asked my friend Jennifer to give me some crochet lessons a couple of years ago, this is about where I had hoped to get with the skill.

My final Easter creative effort went into making chocolate crackle nests as my mother did each Easter. She used Arctic Mints as eggs and I can no longer find them. This year I could do no better than jelly beans.

I sometimes think I am completely insane.  Gifts should surely begin with a question of what the receiver would want, not what the giver wants to make - yet I've had terrific fun making these over the last few days, and they did give pleasure to recipients. It also raises the issue of how an idea is passed on and adapted. These are all based on ideas derived from things other people have made, although heavily adapted and certainly not directly copied. I hope my use is legitimate and sufficiently respectful of those from whose work the ideas were derived.


margaret said...

you have wonderful skills at making without a pattern etc the purses are so cute and the football bunny has worked well too, the eggs look delicious I am sure the grandchildren and everyone will love tucking into those.

Jillian said...

Thanks so Much, Margaret. I'm particularly pleased with being able to make these ones, and yes, everyone did enjoy the nests! Hope you had a blessed Easter.

Monica said...

Well you know that I feel very strongly that copying and adapting is how creativity works, and that brand new ideas that spring out of nowhere are a myth. So you are right in a long line of creative tradition. Looks like you had some goofy fun, too!

Jillian said...

I agree, Monica. I'm also conscious, however, of teachers and designers needing to protect their work. This fitted into the 'admire, adopt, adapt' category and was a fair conceptualisation by my standards! Goofy fun is on the money!

margaret said...

just to let you know your Dorset blog is not there it says page does not exist have you saved it instead of publishing it I wonder

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret, much appreciated. Yes, I saved it -'will publish tonight. Thanks for letting me know.