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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Red, Red Robin Panel 5: What if I've been blue, still I'm walking through fields of flower
I thought the lovely blue on this panel was most appropriate for the next line in the song. I considered a range of cottage garden options for the panel, but settled on using a photograph of Western Australian wildflowers as inspiration. The photo comes from Ross Tours.
I'm working on alternating the male and female robins from panel to panel. This one is a female. I had to go and buy more stranded thread in browns and greys - it's not a colour range I have used extensively and I need variegations for the female robin.
She really stands out against the blues.
My goal was to get the sense of the WA field of flowers without totally covering the blue background

I used a wider range of pinks than the photo and included fewer stems but kept the perspective of larger foreground and smaller background flowers.

There is a little person walking through the field.

The orange edging really helps.

I have moved from using machine thread to hand-quilt the panel borders to using three strands of variegated stranded cotton. I rather like the effect. Its more Japanese chiku-chiku and less Kantha.


margaret said...

what a lovely mini quilt you have here the robin looks so much at home amongst the pretty flowers

Monica said...

This is definitely my favourite block. The oranges all sing against that rich blue background. The robin is beautiful, and I love the little person, too! AND I agree about the variegated cotton. It's going so well! You must be having a great time with it. :D