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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Brooklyn Jacket

This post is rather late in coming. I made the jacket just before going to hospital in July, took the photos at the time, wrote it up while recovering, but didn't post. As I use this blog as a record of work completed, I'm posting for the record.                                                                     Late in June, Tessuti Fabrics had a sale - 25% off all products. I was still on a high from my Berlin Jacket success so, on impulse, ordered the pattern for the Brooklyn Jacket and enough red Italian felted wool to make it.
I was attracted to the collar of the coat and the colour of the fabric.
The pattern uses the same method of matching seams as the earlier pattern. The pockets on this one are rounded and placed on the seams. It also had back pockets - but I decided not to include those. Like the previous jacket, it took only a couple of hours to make. This Italian felted wool is magic - much like stitching any form of felt.

The jacket has proved to be flexible, cosy and practical. I love the way the collar wraps around my throat. I think this has finished my jacket binge, but the two should get good use over the next couple of years. I also have a few left over pieces that might be useful for embroidery projects - one piece contributed to my recent scissor keep efforts.


margaret said...

both these jackets will keep you warm and cosy like you loving the neckline of them great making job you have done here

Monica said...

This really turned out well, and the red looks great on you. Plus that silver pin is pretty gorgeous!

I have a feeling you are busy with Christmas sewing right now. Happy stitching!

Jillian said...

LOL. There's been a bit of that, Monica, but mostly I'm carried away with the Dijanne Cevaal panels, which take time. I developed a small backlog of posts - had a few in hand when I went o hospital in case I wasn't up to it after my operation, but, of course, had more time to stitch and kept posting. Tidied it up yesterday. Now only two in my backlog!