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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ethnic Embroidery Study Group

One of my favourite Embroiderers' Guild groups is the monthly Ethnic Embroidery Study Group . 

Its purpose is to gain a greater understanding of embroidery through the study of traditional textiles from around the world. The different techniques and materials used, the significance of traditional designs, the place of embroidery both domestically and ceremonially in the lives of people of other cultures are all explored by the study of embroideries from the Guild's Museum and other public and private collections and through research and the sharing of knowledge.
We have great expertise in this area in our Guild. A number of members have travelled, lived, worked and collected textiles amongst a range of ethnic groups - particularly throughout Asia.
The group's theme for this year is beading, so each month we have looked at different uses of beading in the work of a range of ethnic groups. This month we invited talented , long-standing Guild member Sheana Davies, to talk to us and to show us some beading techniques.
We looked at a lot of samples of beading work, from the Guild's Museum and from Sheana's own collection, and browsed some books and magazines with stunning examples of ethnic beading.

For me, the most interesting piece was this beaded cardigan. The original colour in the beads has faded with time, but the effect is still lovely - because the thread used was matched to the colour of the beads and still preserves the colour.  Tip from Sheana - always match thread to the bead you are using!

I have little experience with beading, but would not have thought to do this.

As usual, we had a lively and interesting meeting as we shared, asked questions, and some tried their hand at it. It is great to be part of a group focused on learning and sharing around our common interest.

It inspired me to get out my stash of broken jewellery and make a relatively simple restringing repair to a strand of this necklace, of Indigenous Australian origin, so I am now wearing it again!

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margaret said...

you certainly belong to a very good Embroiderers guild branch, sounds interesting though apart from crazy patchwork I rarely use beads have quite a big selection and look at them sometimes and think should I find someone who can use these mind you there is a lot I should pass on, stranded cottons for one never use those but no doubt if I gave them away within a couple of weeks I would find something that needed them