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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gold scrollwork and flowers

The Embroiderers' Guild of SA runs a Summer School each January. This year it was held at the Guild premises over four days. Classes were each two days. I only attended one class as I was going away.

I chose a goldwork class - to stretch myself a little. I have done a couple of goldwork classes with Alison Cole in previous Summer Schools but that is the extent of my experience. 

This class was a goldwork scroll with flowers, taken by Di Fisher from our Guild.

The work required a frame rather than a hoop. I chose my Doodler frame because it is hands-free and portable. It worked well.

The design was very small. Even with a magnifier I struggled to see clearly. I did better with some threads and with some stitches.                                                                                         
The design used reverse chain, interlacing, loop stitch, ladder stitch, single back stitch, herringbone, blanket, buttonhole, Elizabethan corded trellis stitch, detached corded buttonhole filling, overcast/wrapped filling, herringbone-threaded and Vandyke stitch.    

The scroll itself wasn't too bad but I really struggled with the leaves and metallic thread.                           After the class I came very close to abandoning the project. Undoing was not an option with the threads - and I didn't think I could do better without significantly enlarging the design.
The thing that kept me going was the thought that I could use the completed piece on the lid of a small magnetic needle box I had stashed away, where it would look blingy and, well, gold!

It certainly would not pass the eye of any Guild member (myself included) but is decorative.
So here it is, duly mounted and useful.
I find these boxes useful and they make good presents. I am regarding this as a practice piece - and reminder to only try very simple, rather than very small, goldwork in future!


margaret said...

this piece makes a lovely box top. I did a tiny bit of gold work when doing C & G but did not enjoy it, threads so difficult to work with, it is the one technique I said I would never do again. You did a good job on yours

Jillian said...

Thank you Margaret! I won't say never, but I'm not rushing off to do more and will think carefully about it if I ever do venture there again.

Monica said...

Yes, the small size makes everything harder, not easier, doesn't it? I had a frustrating time with my petit point the other day, which I took out on a whim. But, congratulations for sticking with it! It will be a pretty gift. :D