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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

On a mending roll...

One of my 8 year-old granddaughters has worn one of her smocked nightdresses almost to ribbons. The yoke tore and the gathers at the back came apart. She kept wearing it so I undertook to mend it.

She remembered to put it in her school bag to give to me after school last week. My new apartment is within walking distance of their school and they are very proud of walking here on their own.

In the chaos of my new sewing room - with plastic boxes packed up inside the wardrobe, I managed to find the small piece of leftover fabric, now several shades darker than the nightdress.

I was able to cut out a new yoke and hand- stitch it over the  back yoke. I then stitched down all the torn edges on the underside and cut patches to cover the tears.
Hopefully, this will extend the life of the nightdress for a few weeks - enough for me to get my apartment organised and to make another round of nightdresses. Niamh was happy with the result!

The is not the most exciting of posts - my time has been consumed by downsizing and moving - still cleaning the house, trimming the garden ready for settlement in a few days time  and learning how to organise the apartment. Yesterday two friends came to sit and stitch - a milestone.

After settlement on Friday I will be more relaxed!


Monica said...

I am extremely impressed that you were able to find that fabric in the middle of a move! Moving is SO much work, especially when you've been there a long time. It is lovely, too, that the nightdress has been so well loved that it needs repair!

Fingers crossed for a smooth transition on Friday!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica.Yes, i'm chuffed to be repairing it. Thanks for fingers crossed - good thoughts - all helping!

margaret said...

sounds like you are settling well in the new apartment, not easy to downsize. Good to read the nightdress is repaired and how much she must love it to have worn it away in places, I am sure once it is beyond repair it will stay as a treasured item with her