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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Progress on Phoebe Anna Traquair piece

I have made good progress on my Phoebe Anna Traquair piece. I continued working the sky around the birds, building the picture outwards.

I need to do a little more work on the transition of sky colour above and below the branch - but this is easier done as the picture progresses.
I  continued along the tree branch.  It was quite tricky. I worked by instinct and eye, with a few periods of studying the original and also looking at trees. I used the full range of four colours provided for the tree. For the stem of the leaf I blended a green with a beige.
The sky was soothing to stitch. It was good to have a large area to work. I continue to fiddle with the top corner cloudy thing.
This is where I am now. I am adding rows of couching to that big leaf, to lift the colour above the brown base. I have more of this to do as well as adding the outlines of the stem, branches and leaf. I will also touch up a few places and adjust that cloud further.


Pat smith said...

Looks great I am going to finish mine soon too, have been working on crewel and love it. Enjoyed meeting you on the trip. Pat Smith

margaret said...

this is coming along well, the tree truck is exceptional with so many tones of thread

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Wow - your Phoebe Anna Traquair piece is looking great and looks like a wonderful piece to be working on.

Monica said...

Well, it sure looks different now! Really good. I think you have really taken to the technique.

You know, I think this same approach would be amazing for the figures in the 936 AD lintel that I liked in the UK. With the beasts and the knotwork. I know you would do a great job on it!