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Friday, July 3, 2015

Travel Projects: Two Bags

While travelling I brought with me four simple projects I could do without too much thinking or referring to instructions. Three of these were bags and one an apron, all stamped cross stitch. All come ready made. Two bags were single colour by Duftin and one bag and the apron were Herschners. I also brought another Icons project barely started.

The bags are large and useful, especially in South Australia where we pay for plastic carry bags in supermarkets, so mostly take our own. The idea in taking these to work on was that they make quite nice and useful presents and I could give them as gifts while away. 

This first project used maroon thread. 
 I found it neater to use running stitch rather than a true cross stitch when covering the large areas.
I had expected to do more on the plane trip over and only just a managed to finish it in time to give as a gift before I left Norfolk in mid-June. I even forgot to photograph the finished article, but it was being gratifyingly well used by my cousin Susan.

When I went to organise the second project, the apron, I remembered that the kit did not come with thread and I hadn't packed any, so I included the kit in a parcel I sent back to Australia. 

My third project was a slightly smaller bag with brightly coloured owls on a tree.

This one I finished several days after leaving Cheltenham, where the intended recipient lives, so I posted it on. 

It had been quite fun doing it. Although the kit carried Herrschners' label, I think it too was manufactured by Duftin.  The hanks of thread were not branded, but it was, on the whole, good to work with - smooth and strong, with a good sheen. Only one colour, the dark brown, consistently knotted. 
My cousin Christine was so pleased with the bag that she has framed it, to hang beside a piece of her late mother-in-law's work. I am touched, humbled - and really glad I made the effort.

Isn't Eddy's mum's piece lovely?

Oh, and the fourth bag? Still at the bottom of my suitcase, untouched!

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margaret said...

so goo to have some hand stitching on the go when away, the cloth is coming along well, and the owl bag has worked a treat, also love the basket of flowers. Here they are introducing a charge for supermarket bags which is good, mind you I do not use them as I shop by foot and bus and they are not strong like they used to be