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Monday, June 15, 2015

Owl finish

When I last posted an update on my owl-on-gold-silk for the Embroiderers' Guild 50th Anniversary display, I had the tail feathers to go. While in Melbourne I purchased some more silk threads from uchello - ver au sol in the rich bluey- purple- cerise colours I was using, and finished it off.
I also completed the eyes.

At home I pressed it carefully, but couldn't remove the mark of a fold in the fabric. One of my granddaughters had already suggested I add some leaves from the original design in the Secret Garden colouring book, so I took her advice and covered the mark.

I then padded and mounted it on a box lid. It is a reasonable large box - 8" with a 6 3/4" mount area.
I am quite pleased with this result. Niamh likes owls and will use the box, so it is hers after the exhibition, plus it has been fun to do. It will also be interesting to see the variety of projects on display in October when the Guild displays what members have done with their square of gold silk.


margaret said...

what a wonderful owl and he looks so good on the branch. Niamh is a very lucky girl

Monica said...

Well, this is really lovely, Jillian! I love all the textures and colours, and the leaves look like they belonged from the start. I'm sure it will be well appreciated!