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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Couple of tassel finishes

I recently had the need for a tassel or two to finish off the Ottoman pouch. This caused me to dig out the tassels I made last year at Christine Bishop's workshop - and reminded me that I had one to finish - one with the head covered in needle lace. Since Finish should be my middle name, I took the tassel with me on my recent trip to Canberra and worked on it in spare moments.

I had bought some variegated perle 8 cotton to make it easier for me to work - a technique (trick?) that worked well.

I was able to bring the needle lace right down over the tasseled binding and was pleased with the result.
I even considered using this tassel on the Ottoman pouch, but opted, in the end, for dark blue. Although the pink one looked ok, the blue provided more consistency.                                                                           I will save the pink one for another day,another project.                                                                  
I used one of the buttons we made last year with Christine as a fastener, with a blue tassel on the closure loop.

I then made a few more tassels to finish the bag.

I like these bags a lot (now there's a surprise!) and find them really useful.


margaret said...

a very pretty tassel glad you completed it. The pouch is very nice too

Monica said...

The variegated cotton was a good choice, and it turned out really well. Another great bag!