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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jedi Jeans

My grandson's birthday last weekend, so I have been embroidering a pair of jeans with a couple of Jedi warrior motifs. I used a publicly available colouring-in page as my starting template. After contemplating covering the whole surface with figures, I settled for two - Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

Reluctantly, I transferred the design using Solvi, removing the latter as soon as I had the outline stitched.  It worked OK this time - I was fairly quick stitching the outline, so the Solvi didn't become brittle.

I used some thread from Denmark, purchase from the Embroiderer's Guild a while back. It was fairly course but very strong and good to work with on the tough surface of the denim. I liked it a lot. I used up the best part of a green hank on Yoda!

The harder one was Luke Skywalker. Firstly, I had overlooked the awkwardness of getting my hand inside a boy's skinny leg jeans!
Then there was the small matter of embroidering a face - not one of my skills.

I adjusted the hair, redid the facial features, took the hair out completely and redid it - then, finally, unpicked the whole thing except for the arm and light sabre! I used DMC neon for the sabre.

I am satisfied with the result. They were well received and looked good when Fionn wore them to the movies on Monday.


Monica said...

I am trying to compose something Yoda-ish, but my ingenuity is failing me today. But not yours! What a great design, and your Yoda looks quite wise. Luke looked good as a line drawing, maybe that can be an option down the road. But not on skinny jeans!

Great work, Jillian, brava!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Yes, the outline did work better, except for the face. I thought it wouldn't wear as well. Keep it simple is the message, I think.

Katherine said...

They look fantastic! I think you did the right thing with skywalker. It would not have worn very well down there.

margaret said...

he must be thrilled to bits with these jeans

Jillian said...

Thanks, Margaret and Katherine. Yes, they were a success!