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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Knitted top

I couldn't resist trying Bendigo Woolen Mills' Harvest when it was available earlier this  year. It is 82% wool, 10% alpaca, 4% bamboo and 4% viscose. I bought Spring Mix (purples) and  Dusk (blue). I also bought a copy to their pattern 8349, Cardigan with lace front detail and three quarter sleeves.

 I love the way this yarn knitted up. It was very soft on my hands and held the pattern really well.

The pattern was also nicely balanced - the plain back and sleeves knitted up quite quickly and the front had that bit of interest that prevented boredom.

I have a debate with myself about the best method of joining knitted pieces together.

I am not a great fan of backstitched seams in knitting. It always seems to create a very heavy seam for me. When I am feeling very patient, I go for ladder stitch, but mostly I stick to my grandmother's method of top stitching, which, once ironed, I find sits flatter than backstitching. It is strong - provided I finish off very carefully and securely (which, I admit, my grandmother rarely did!).

I used some small flower shaped buttons - a good colour match.

As this wool is a little chunkier than Classic Luxury for which the pattern was originally designed, I made it a little less form fitting, so an extra layer can go underneath.

This one is for my daughter facing the chilly Canberra winter.


Monica said...

A beautiful pattern, and beautifully knitted! It is a very nice lace, and the yarn looks wonderful. I like the mix of textures, too! I think she will like it!

margaret said...

such a pretty little woolly and a very nice colour too

katherine said...

Beautiful knitting Jillian. I am sure your daughter will love it. I sew different seams depending on the project and thickness of yarn too.