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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hobbyhorse laying tool

I couldn't resist moving quickly on to this additional tool to the Toy Chest Etui. The attraction was partly the shape and colour of the horse and partly the usefulness of a holder for a pointy tool.

The piece of linen supplied was fairly small, so I set it up in a 3 inch hoop and marked the centre. I really enjoyed the way the shape emerged so quickly. In no time at all I had a very recognisable horse.

The basic construction (interfacing, skirtex) was straightforward. The ears and under the jaw needed a little care.

Trickiest was glueing and stitching in the holder for the tool. I have an embroiderer's aversion to glue - but this needs to be really secure.

The ribbon was fiddly, but basic.

Another twisted cord for the reins and voila!

A very pleasing addition to the Toy Chest indeed.


margaret said...

how sweet this is, could not find the right word for it but lovely too. You are in my thought and prayers and hope you are still getting support from family and friends around you

katherine said...

Beautiful! I also have that same aversion to glue. Remember when Tonia Todman was all the rage! Mum did so much and it all looked horrid from glue staining within 5 years. At least now we have access to better glues than back then.

Jillian said...

Thank you, Margaret and Katherine. I have my Canberra daughter still staying with me and l ot of support from friends, Margaret. I really do appreciate your prayers - that means a lot to me. Thank you.

I didn't see much of Tonia Todman, Katherine, but I seem to recall decoupage, hence lots of glue. Yes, glues have improved, but I'm still cautious - and a bit clumsy,

Monica said...

I've been MIA this week, but I'm glad to see the hobby horse came together so quickly! The ribbon mane looks great. And yes, I prefer to avoid glue too! But, if it is on the inside I don't think there'll be much trouble.

I'm glad your daughter is still with you. I can't imagine how much there still must be to do, and to adapt to. At least the stitching goes on. And all my best wishes, always! :)