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Saturday, April 19, 2014


I was inspired by a book reviewed in Stitch Magazine to embroider, in a small way, a hoodie for my grandson.

The book has a wonderful project for covering a hoodie in embroidery. I got my copy of the book from The Book Depository and I find it very inspiring. The patterns on the hoodie in the book were adult but I had never thought of embroidering a hoodie before and thought I could adapt it to meet a boy's sporting interest.

I didn't have a lot of time to complete this project in time for Fionn's birthday, so thought I would embroider the logos of two soccer teams he follows in relatively discrete places on a hoodie. If he likes the idea, I can add the logos of his AFL and SANFL teams - or any other motifs he wants to display.

The current logo for Adelaide United Football Club is a shield with streaks in club colours curving around the shape of a ball with stars.

I outlined the shield in double chain stitch and did the streaks in stem stitch. The letters are satin stitch. The stars worked very well using Mary Corbett's star stitch - a stitch to which I am becoming addicted.

Because the hoodie was blue, I needed to fill in the background of the shield in white - the hardest bit. I used fine cotton-a-broder and split stitch. The result is quite neat.

The second logo was more challenging and interesting - Liverpool Football Club, followed by Fionn and his Dad.

I chose the figure from a couple of variations on the club website and transferred it to Solvi. I then outlined the figure with three strands of red using stem stitch, then removed the Solvi.

I filled in the figure with slightly lighter red and finally inserted white to preserve the spaces between wing feathers and the stitching on the ball.
I placed this one to one side of the hood and added the words of the club song and club initials.

If Fionn wants more added, there is plenty of room on the hoodie ( and a year of so growth in the size) - and I can tailor it to suit his need.

This has proved to be very easy to work and popular with the recipient. I can see lots of possibilities for the future.


margaret said...

what a good idea and it has worked so well, must admit to having thought about buying this book but so far resisted.

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. It's a lovely book, with good ideas. I don't know that I will use any of the specific patterns, though.

katherine said...

Looks fantastic! I am sure it will be a favorite with Fionn. Maybe Dad needs a matching one.

Jillian said... are one thing...thanks for the idea, Katherine.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Really nicely done and such a nice gift.

Monica said...

Nice idea, and great to be able to embroider something for someone who is clearly sporting mad. I see many projects in your future now! Great job. :)

Jillian said...

Thanks, Girls. You're right. The embroidered hoodie idea is very flexible, it teams well with a sporting interest and is useful for boys.