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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Veronica's Smocked Skirt

Here is the second of my Morris Meadows smocked skirts, this one for Veronica.

Once again, I chose the thread, then followed the prompt of the gathered fabric to design the smocking. For this one I stuck to two colours - the blue and the pink, and worked zig-zags, blue at top and bottom, two sets of pink in the centre.

This one was very simple - but quite effective I think. The density of the smocking off-sets the predominance of green in the fabric.

As always, the tricky bit is gathering and attaching the frill, but it caused no great dramas.

I hemmed this one with a small turn-over - didn't need to bind the edge.

As these two girls get older, I shall miss the gratification of gift recipients stripping off their clothes to immediately put on an outfit I have made!


katherine said...

Another beautiful skirt! Yes the older they get the harder it is to make them things to wear lol. My girls used to do the same as your grandies. Sarah prefers the what I call 'you can shoot a pea through that' cotton-on acrylic excuse for a wooly! Grace loves wool but it doesn't like her skin very much so she loves her hand knit acrylic scarves etc. I am going to spin some pure alpaca and see how she goes with it.

margaret said...

this is as beautiful as the first one. I did a smocked dress when at school as an exam piece, it was bright yellow with royal blue smocking, I made it for a little African girl a friend of my Mum`s had adopted, not sure if she ever wore it but enjoyed making it, shame no camera all those years ago to record it.

Jillian said...

Thanks, Katherine. It's great that kids develop their own taste - but a bit challenging when it isn't ours! I reckon my smocking -what-I-feel-like days are numbered!

Lyn Warner said...

So pretty! I love the way you have picked up the pink and blue colour of the flowers. The first dress I smocked for my daughter was plain white fabric smocked with a variety of colours and stitches. I remember what fun it was to decide on what to do next as I went along. All these years later its the favourite dress for her daughter to wear on special occasions.

Monica said...

Yes, I'm sure it IS very gratifying! Who can blame them, when the fabrics and the smocking are so pretty? Another beautiful gift, Jillian!

Jillian said...

Thanks Girls. I like the contrast between Lyn and Margaret's comments - Margaret's smocked dress a gift that went on its journey pre-digital cameras and still remembered for the experience and image in her mind, Lyn's dress still in her family and being seen. Both are great stories.