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Friday, June 21, 2013

Neck warmers

I've been experimenting with thick wool - this time 12 ply Rustic from the Bendigo Woollen Mills - to make a couple of neck warmers for the men in my life - using a pattern from Cowlgirls. 

Several of the patterns in this book, especially those for neckwarmers, are easily adapted for men.

The first I made is in Midnight Tweed, and knitted up nicely. There is a bluey tinge to the wool that isn't obvious in the photo.

These are knitted in a straight piece, in rib, then joined at the ends. The pattern has a contrasting border, which I omitted. The only disadvantage is that you can't decide the length as you go, as the number of stitches on the needle determine the length.

I think it is quite smart and understated.

My second one is in a new Rustic colour - cinder fleck.

Rustic is a really attractive wool, lovely to work with, and I like the fleck.

I made this one a couple of inches longer and then decided to block it to get even more length in the front.

These are just the thing for our current weather!


Monica said...

This is a very nice pattern for a man, tailored and strong. And the yarn is beautiful!

You are getting good mileage from your book. :D

katherine said...

They both look fantastic and I love the new rustic yarn too.

margaret said...

I find if I have a scarf or similiar around my neck it helps to keep warm, these cowls are going to feel so cosy in the cold weather

Jillian said...

Thanks, Girls. It's great yarn, and you picked it, Monica, I love getting value out of the book! I've got hopes for a couple more projects from it. I think you'll like my next one, Margaret.