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Monday, April 1, 2013

Samurai progress

Here's how the samurai is shaping up.  I have finished his right shoulder and face. I haven't as yet done any of the facial features or backstitch outlines.

From there I moved to the trees behind him - I wanted to finish as much of the top part of the work before shifting the fabric down in the hoop.

I found the trees really hard on my eyes - counting from the chart back to the aida was giving me serious focusing problem.

I resolved this by putting in the backstitch outline of the tree branches. Then I could see where I needed to go and just work the three brown threads where needed to give the required shading effect. Much better on my eyes and much faster.

I have added some of the background texturing - and noticed that a bit I did on the lower part will need to come out as I made an error with colour.

Still, it is shaping up - and even though I have the bottom of his kimono, the backstitch outline and some lower foliage  to go, I am hopeful of finishing in time for the birthday.


margaret said...

you are getting this stitched at a pace, cross stitch is a technique I have never mastered.

katherine said...

He is coming along quickly. Gorgeous colours and I am sure you will have him finished soon.

Jillian said...

It's pretty much colouring in, Margaret. There are some good effects from colour but very hard on the eyes - and a bit constricting.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. I've been on it all day today. Reckon there's another 8-10 hours to finish.

Monica said...

They may have been challenging, but the trees look really good, so it was worth it! Onwards!