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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mola snake cushion

While sorting out my fabric for my drawstring bag binge, I identified and set aside a mola I had purchased some time ago from Rita at Mola Art and Crafts. I had intended to make it into a cushion, and had some matching cotton to make the back, so I found that as well.

So, using my new cutting table, I cut borders for the Mola and attached them.

I bought a zip, and made a cushion. Since I wanted it, like the mola, rectangular rather than square, I made a calico insert and filled it with some wool filling I had purchased for pincushions.

The result was very pleasing and is just the thing for our new sitting area.


Monica said...

Yes, it is perfect for that chair! Sometimes a rectangle is more comfortable, too.

Your room looks great. Is it part of the new build you just completed?

Jillian said...

Yes, this is the family room we added. The chair is new too - just needed an extra one in the apace. I agree about rectangles being more comfortable .

margaret said...

what a lovely piece of mola, now that is a technique to master, looks great on the chair as a cushion