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Friday, May 25, 2012

Cowboy Shirt

Jim bought Fionn a very nice blue chambray shirt for his birthday and asked if I could embroider something suitably western on the pockets.

I dug out the book I bought at A Song for the Horse Nation exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC. It has lovely examples of motifs that I hoped I could use one day.

leather jacket in exhibition
 I drew a horse and rider based on an embroidered jacket in the exhibition. The original had two two riders - more than I thought I could manage on the pocket. It did remind me of the Rolf Harris song about two little boys sharing a horse.

I used threads I had in my stash - indeed, some I had in my needles left from other recent projects in ochry sorts of colours!

Stitching inside the already made pocket was a bit awkward, but not too bad. I used mostly stem stitch with the odd french knot for eyes.

On the second pocket I made a star, also based on a repeated design from the book.

I really like these simple, fairly quick embellishments.


Monica said...

I like using stem stitch as a filling stitch. And in the tight space of the pocket I bet it was ideal! Great job!

Karyn said...

I think this is wonderful. Stitching on an existing pocket cannot have been the easiest thing to do i don't imagine.
Stem stitch is great for filling; i have used it a number of times. I hope Fionn loves it and wears it always.