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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Mochi Mochi

An idea was playing around in my head last week and finally turned into action on Good Friday. I dug out the Mochimochi book I used last year to make elephant and mermaid brooches and checked out patterns for chickens and rabbits.

Armed with my 10cm knitting needles and my basket of oddments of wool, I set about making some little things to add to small presents for Easter Sunday. We were invited to my Adelaide daughter's house. There would be four children and five adults in addition to us. We had modest Easter eggs for the children.

I made chicken necklaces for the girls, which I tied around their Easter eggs and chicken brooches for three of the adults.

The other two adults got a tiny chicken and a tiny fish.

I used safety pins stitched on the back since I didn't have brooch fittings on hand over the long weekend.

I did try an Easter bunny  - but wasn't happy enough with the result to make more of them.  Lucky Mochi Rabbit accompanied my grandson's Easter eggs.

I added jars of my Quince Jelly to the adults' chickens and a few extra bits for the hosts.

Mad? I think maybe.

My favourite; the fish. I should team some up with the mermaid!


Monica said...

The chicken brooches are definitely my favourites! Easter is probably over for you already, but I hope you had a good one!

Jillian Mary said...

So cute, Jillian!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute too. I have never knitted anything like this before and they are very clever.