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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smocking up a storm - skirt

Deciding to smock "Babe" for Niamh, a dress her sister already has, left me with a bit of a dilemma. What could I make for Veronica that wouldn't lock me into a difficult 'catch up' cycle? I had a kit for Sweet, Sweet, Rose (AS&E 71) but decided that while it might be desirable to both twins, it wasn't a great match for either.
In the end I came up with a skirt, using the pattern " Modern Girl" from AS&E 71. If it proves popular, and Niamh wants one too, it is fairly quick to make another one.

I chose a piece of fabric from my stash, purchased from a One Stop Fabric Shop sale. It is a bright, animal print with words of animal sounds.

It is a great pattern, deeply smocked in a zigzag around the hips, with a gathered tier added below and a simple elastic casing waist.

I decided against ric-rac around the hem. The fabric is bright in itself and it seemed wrong to cover up the fabric.

I intended to get a blue or yellow Tshirt top but couldn't find the either colour with the right intensity, so settled for a red one.

I'm glad I went for simplicity. Veronica really likes the skirt and I have promised to make one for Niamh too!


Anonymous said...

She looks gorgeous in it and I think you made the right decision with the red tshirt. Looks amazing.

jillyb said...

Wow! Looks like an engaging book too! Lucky girls to have two such wonderful grandparents :)