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Monday, June 6, 2011

I love my jeans

Yesterday I sat down to patch a pair of jeans I really like - very soft denim. They had worn away at the inner leg - both seams and fabric.  I had intended to cut the legs off below the knee and use the cut-off to patch the worn parts. When I came to do it, even I had to admit that they were too far gone. To avoid saying goodbye to them altogether, and because they would be of no use to anyone else as they were, I turned them into - surprise, surprise - bags.

The bottoms of the legs, which were wide, made two quite reasonable size drawstring bags.

The cuffs were a bit frayed, so I turned that into a fringe at the top of one bag.                                                                                                                                                                  

On another I added some pale blue lace from my mother's stash.              

The back of the jeans turned into a carry bag with pockets on the outside.

A bit mad, I think, (rather like my grandmother turning her nightdress into pyjamas by stitching up the middle of the skirt) but it really pleases me.

The rest of the jeans made small bags of various sizes.

They will embroider quite well if I decide to have a go in between other projects. I have a few iron-on transfers that would go well. Even as they are, however, they are sturdy, soft bags.

I also patched the knee of the dragon jeans I embroidered for my grandson a couple of years ago. 

The dragon is the one on this blog header.

I keep a few iron-on patches on hand for mending knees but always stitch them down as they lift if only ironed. The dragon is now accompanied by a motor-bike.

Perhaps when these jeans fall apart the dragon will reappear as a  bag!

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