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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Violet Bag

I have been working a little bag with a violet motif from Inspirations 69 (Violet Times). It is on a heavy natural linen.

The outlines are in split stitch - always a challenge with a single strand of thread. It is a good chance to practice satin stitch and long and short stitch - neither of which are my forte.

It took me several nights to complete the embroidery and I needed to use my magnifier at times.

The bag is lined with a mauve floral, with the linen folded over to form an edge inside.

The tricky part, for me, is the crocheted edging around the top, and the crocheted cord to go through it. I have only basic crochet stitches and not much practice, so this will be a challenge.

The top edge was OK - a basic 6 chain loop then 4 stitches through the cloth on the first round, then a second round with a little picot on the top of each scallop.

The threaded cord was more challenging, since my crochet knowledge doesn't extend to triples but I got something resembling the picture with the help of one of my mother's old crochet books.

The result is certainly pretty. Maybe I will keep it and use it for scissors and threads.


Jillian Cheek said...

That is very pretty, and I have learned something. I had never heard of split stitch, but have now looked it up. I'm not surprised you needed a magnifier if you were using a single thread of stranded embroidery thread.
You remind me that somewhere in my bag of UFOs there is a finished pansy petit point which I could make into a small bag for scissors and thread. I believe I began it in 1959...about time it got some use.

Jillian said...

You could embroider a '+52' in one corner to signify the years it took to make!

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful. I sometimes cheat and use stem stitch instead of split stitch LOL. I love seeing the finished product from start to finish. Did it take you long to stitch

Jillian said...

I mostly worked on it at night. The embroidery took about 4 nights - more than you'd think for a small project, but it is all worked with a single thread. The crochet took me two sessions - one night then about an hour the next day to make the second drawstring. Someone who crocheted regularly would be much faster.

Karyn said...

I do love your little bag. My satin stitch tends to get neater as i go along so you could probably track where i began a project and where i finished it!
This is pretty and I do hope you use it, it would be a shame for it to hide away in a cupboard somewhere.