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Monday, April 25, 2011

English Smock - 2 Embroidery

I have now finished most of the embroidery for my smock. There is a bit I will need to do when it is sewn together. I'm hoping I can sew it together over Easter.

I began shoulder pieces. The lower one is finished and here the top one is partly done.

These connect the smocked fronts and backs.

I then embroidered the side panels on the front. As with the other pieces, I used the traditional design suggested in the pattern and the colours of the smocking. I used thread I already had and, of course, ran out part way through. Hetty's Patch and Country Bumpkin were able to match thread close enough to work with.

Tonight I have finished the two collar pieces, one of which is shown here.

Now the real challenge - construction - begins. Can I piece it all together (and make it fit)?

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