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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing Bag for Eight-year-old

Recently I put together a first sewing bag for Brigid's eighth birthday. Rather than making an elaborate sewing box - which was my original idea - I settled for making one of the round bags in my earlier post, but adding pockets to the outside to hold various items separate from the space inside. The sewing box can come later if interest lasts.

Brigid likes snakes, so I used two different snake print fabrics, one inside and one outside.  The prints were from the One Stop Fabric Shop. I made the pockets on the outside by lining a strip about half the width of the bag, laying it along the fat quarter for the bag and stitching sections vertically , then gathering the whole piece to the circle base as usual.

This is the result, laden with tools.

Tools included the Needle and Pin case and thread holder from last week's blog, some needles, a tin of buttons and beads, an embroidery hoop, a thimble, a tape-measure, a selection of threads and two pairs of scissors.

One pair of scissors was for cutting material and attached to a simple tab-keep so the scissors don't get lost. 

The other was a pair of embroidery scissors in a   scissor-keep embroidered from a drawing Brigid did a couple of months ago and which sits on our fridge. Figuring out what she would look like from the back took a bit of imagination.

I used chain stitch, stem stitch and Atma stitch - learned on the Ottoman Scarf - for the embroidery scissor keep. 

I added another bag, this time purchased from a Vietnamese seller in the Adelaide markets, and hand-embroidered in Vietnam. This bag contained three 'kits' for potential projects.

Stitched cards
This stitchable stationery can be used as notecards.

Peg dolls
I put together some threads, wool, pegs, felt, small samples of material and simple patterns to make and clothe peg dolls.

Finally, I found one of my mother's yet-to-be-embroidered printed doily/traycloths that requires only lazy daisy stitch and gathered some potentially useful threads to form another 'kit'.

I hope there's a lot of fun in the making  whatever and whenever she chooses.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely kit you have set up for Brigid