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Monday, January 10, 2011


I have begun work on a couple of child size 8 nightdresses for a birthday present. I am using a pink polycotton batiste from Country Bumpkin, highly recommended by Monique Johnson as very washable and not needing ironing.

The pattern is Primrose Lane, Victorian Dreams for Girls, purchased from the Garden Fairies Trading Company in the USA. I must say, that, although they have a great selection of patterns, I had difficulty with delivery from them, only succeeding after I lodged a dispute with PayPal. From postings to various forums, my experience is not uncommon.


For the first nightdress I used  smocking design Emilee from  AS&E 74.

In both cases I have smocked the back as well as the front, but only embroidered the front.

This is the finished Emilee adaptation. The lace trim on the bodice and hem are from my mother's stash.


For the second nightdress I have used the smocking design suggested in the pattern, but with two extra rows added.   This one is not yet finished.


Sunday 16 January 2011
I have just finished embroidering the yoke for this second nightdress. I had hoped to do a shadow bow, but the fabric wasn't quite sheer enough, so I have used satin stitch, not my best stitch!

  If I block the smocking tonight I might be able to put the second nightdress together tomorrow.      

Wednesday 19 January.  The second nightdress is finished.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful nightdress JIllian. The smocking is gorgeous and I love the shade of pink.