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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

This is a piece I began in a class last year. I came across it while organising my storage cupboard recently. It took me a while to remember any details of the class until I realised it was the class I did the day before I went to the UK last year. I had done a few leaves and stems in class then turned my head to packing and departing. No wonder I couldn't remember much!
The class was for the Embroiderers' Guild Certificate Course and taken by Eleni Dickson. She provided a kit and excellent notes - so I soon refreshed my memory and got stitching. I have been hoping to use Brazilian embroidery to work some Australian native plants. I had, however, never learned to use the Edmar threads.

Eleni's hints and instructions were very helpful and I was able to manage the synthetic thread - something I haven't done before.

The piece, though small, used a good, manageable range of stitches, including needle lace, bullion knots, leaf stitch, stacked stem stitch and colonial knots.

I liked the couched and beaded spray.

I have a number of these small Brazilian designs printed on to trigger cloth. I enjoyed doing this one so much I'm tempted to make up the eight or so that I have and put them together on a bag. This one was not on trigger cloth, so may not fit into such a scheme.
Discovering this unfinished piece led to a very enjoyable day finishing it off. It also gave me confidence  to revive my plan to work some Australian designs using Brazilian techniques.


Lyn Warner said...

Jillian you are amazing with the amount of stitching that you complete! This is lovely.

Jillian said...

Thanks Lyn. I am a bit driven to finish things!

margaret said...

this is lovely, when I was in Australia Brazillian work was so popular I bought some books and did a bit unfortunately decided to off load lots of my embroidery books last year and have no longer got them mind you not enough hours in the day for all I want to do without adding more to the list

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I hunk we all have to make some hard decisions and prioritise.we can't do everything.

Monica said...

It really turned out well, Jillian. I haven't tried those threads, but you seem to have mastered them! They look tricky. I like the idea of the bag, and of course, some of your own Australian flora designs would be very nice to see. Good thing you're all organized now! (Or did you get distracted?)

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. They ARE tricky. The teaching really helped. I'm not quite ready to start on the other pieces. I have a major project on the go - can"t publish progress just yet as it is a gift. I'm trying to finish some smaller things along the way - for variety and to have grist for my blog.