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Friday, April 1, 2016

Tea wallet adaptations

After making the tea wallet prototype, I was fired up with ideas to improve the design, so using the remainder of the fabric, I set about narrowing the size of the wallet. I cut the fabric narrower, but the same length - about 18cm wide instead of the original 27.5cm.

This produced a wallet about the size I had in mind.

I followed the same procedure of blanket stitching the edges then crocheting a chain.

This time, however, I created a side opening as well as the interior pocket opening. This enables the user to remove a teabag without opening the wallet and introduces the option of carrying different flavour teabags in different parts of the wallet.

The overall finish is the same.

This shows the size of the adapted model compared to the original.

I got a bit carried away using up the remainder of the fabric and experimenting with styles.

I even created a little crocheted flap for one of them.

I had a lot of fun playing with these and created a set of wallets that tea-drinking friends who carry their favourite teabags around with them will find useful. And I am so chuffed to be crocheting edges.

It occurred to me as I was doing this, that this shell edge is a variation of that my grandmother used to edge the handkerchiefs she made out of old shirts and bedlinen. It pleases me no end to be making teabag wallets for my daughters and granddaughters from fabric my mother bought me and in the pattern my grandmother used for the handkerchiefs I still have!


Jean Whimp said...

you remind me of my Mum and my Aunt Nance's creations. I love the detailed way you describe it all. Thanks for sharing!

Jillian said...

Thanks Jean. As much as anything, my blog provides me with a record of how I did something - comes in very handy!

margaret said...

such a good idea having separate pockets I like eral grey but sometimes enjoy a fruit tree so this is appealing

Monica said...

LOL, what a fun collection! And I agree, that connection through several generations is really nice. I have a feeling these will see a lot of use -- they are just that kind of small, practical thing that last for much longer than you ever thought they would. Great project!